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Unpacking a print

Hello and welcome to my post about unpacking a Wefail print. If you are here you’ve probably already bought a print or you’re bored at work and filling in time until you can go home, either way I thank you.

Here is a quick run through of how to unpack a print without ruining it.

1. First off you will receive a Maggie stamped tube that’s usually always post proof, carefully cut the tape off one end and remove the print as shown.

2. I use a heavy, coarse etching paper for all of my prints that costs me a fortune but it’s one of the finest papers you can find. Like all paper it has a memory and the memory it has in this case is to be rolled up and so we have to erase that memory.

3. I pack each print in tissue paper, you will need this for step 4. Worth noting that if you have a dog, don’t let them chew the paper at this stage.

4. Put the print face down on the tracing paper and put a heavy book on top of it, leave it for the day.

5. Remove the book and the print will have magically forgotten that it was once a curled up coil, you can now frame it. If you’ve bought an A3 print it will fit exactly into any old A3 frame you can buy from a million places online, or get it professionally framed and keep your local framer in business.



Reverse roll the print. The paper is so coarse that it will act like sandpaper and lift the ink off leaving both you and I crying.

Put it in the shower to loosen it up.

Cut it into pieces then glue them back together.

Angrily stamp on it while screaming (unless you really want to, it’s your print now).

Put it in bed and sleep on it (again unless you really want to, I’m not judging anyone).


Thank you for buying my hateful art, I like food and you have kindly given me the option of buying some.

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