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Royal Academy Summer Show 2019 Entry

I've never had any luck with open shows, in the past I've had paintings in Manchester Art Gallery but nothing beyond that. I think in my older years I've realised that subject matter plays a bigger part than technique. Not every painting needs to be happy and uplifting, we're not living in happy and uplifting times so why shouldn't art reflect that. If I see one more happy painting I think I might die.

Open shows are anyone's guess, first you submit your work by email and then you wait 3 months for the art to be processed. You may hear back you may not, in my experience you wait 3 months in the hope that you've made the cut, then by month 6 you finally give in having spent half a year wondering if you've made it to round two. Round two involves taking the physical piece of art to the gallery with thousands of other paintings and then waiting another 2 months until you get the call to go and pick up your rejected work. Art is hard.

Here's my two submissions to the RA Summer Show this year, Party is an oversized print (above A1) and 1/5. Four Horsemen is an A3 1/100 print that's available in my shop.


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