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It's a launch party, be happy.

I've finally put some time into building an online shop that will show all of my artwork. I've only sold via Ebay in the past but their fees are extortionate and never ending, it's hard enough to pay the taxman without also having to pay Ebay tax (do Ebay pay tax? Probably not) and anyway, I wanted a place to call home so here it is.

Each print will still go through my cold dead hands and be signed and given a little sketch on the back to say thank you. I still want control of quality and I quite like walking to the post office every day, so all prints still come from me directly and payment's completely secure with the brilliant Shopify system (you can buy as a guest and quickly, I hate having to sign up to sites before I can buy).

I'll be adding new work, old prints, maybe thoughts on any given day, I don't know. Thank you very much to anyone and everyone that's ever bought my work or shared it. You're the best.

Wefail Signed Print

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