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Help! Framing a piece of art.

Wefail Prints and Paintings


Most of us take the easy way out when it comes to framing, using a thin black frame with white mount. It's a default choice when framing pictures, but it's not always the best combination especially for colour pictures. Instead try to pick out a strong colour from the picture and use that colour for your mount.

With a lot of my frames I'll go with ornate gold, it's what the Tories would want and it also ages the picture, makes it almost regal. Gold can be a neutral colour when it comes to framing, as long as you match the mount to the dominant colour in the picture or if you dont want a mount use the white border of the print (white's always a good fallback with a gold frame).

A black frame with thick black mount can work too and helps focus on the painting while also looking a little sinister.

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