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Guernica Revisited - Charity Print

Guernica Revisited - Wefail
I'm auctioning a run of three giant prints of my new painting Guernica Revisited, the first is now live and at auction here: proceeds will go directly to to help refugees. I very much doubt I'll make any prints to this scale again so these will be quite special and I expect to see them pop up on Antique's Roadshow in 20 years if I'm not already dead. Thanks for reading and thanks for any bids or sharing this info if you get the chance. x


  • Sorry mate dropped out at 350, donated cash anyway, keep up the fight!

    Mark Ian Holmes
  • Hi Martin, you really don’t need to apologise, it’s always good to hear from you with updates regarding your superb work. Unfortunately though, funds are a little threadbare right now but I wish you the best of luck wih this project it is most unusual and deserves to succeed. Kind regards, Simon.

    Simon Hare
  • Great initiative, Martin — I can’t keep up with the bids but I’d love an A3 copy (which I’ll order from your site). All power to you, and best of luck with the auction.

    Roger Surridge

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